Do You Believe in Love at First Sight

Love at first sight refers to something that is beyond emotional and physical impossibilities. Love does not simply mean being romantic. It is more than a desire to marry or chance romantic dreams. These feelings are normal when one falls in love at first sight. However, these feelings are temporary.

Here are the differences between love at first sight and real love:

Love at first sight:

Most people experience love at first sight based on looks. The physical attraction may not last long. This romantic attraction can be come from selfish reasons. The person falls in love with the concept of love and not the other person.

Real love:

Real love offers a genuine feeling and not selfish ways. A person in love shares a partner’s hopes and dreams. It is only giving and not accepting anything in return. In real love, love grows gradually with time. It does not happen suddenly.

The bottom line is that love at first sight does not exist. A person can experience the temporary feeling of love. However, it does not continue. If the couple gets to know each other, they may experience real love.

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