How to Tell if It’s a Friend, Crush, or Love

You have a best friend of 5 years. The man exhibits a range of qualities. He has a great personality, works well with others, alludes charm, and has a handsome face. You just love being with him all day.

You now begin to think more about this guy. You may wonder that you have fallen in love. However, you do not want to risks your friendship.

Here are few ways to differentiate between friend, crush or love:

  • Hold a conversation with yourself. Examine the reasons why you like him. Is it because of his looks, wits and hum or is it that because he understands you.
  • Is your affection genuine or based on your own selfish needs? If you have ended another relationship, you may turn to your best friend for comfort. Make sure that you know why you desire your best friend.
  • Is it that you spend a lot of time with him as good buddies? It is easy to confuse love and a buddy. A pure friendship may not progress to a loving relationship.

Use any of these tips to help you differentiate between friendship, crush and love.

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