Top 4 Ways to Attract the Guy You are Dating

Have you ever wondered how some of your own friends are able to attract their guys? Do you think they attract their guys like bees to honey?
Here are the top 4 tricks that can turn you from a “please-notice-me to lovable as a lolly.”

  • Flirt:

Knowing how to flirt can make you more attractive to the opposite sex. For example, famous women who know how to flirt rarely find themselves alone. They attract their fair share of partners. They know how to glorify their partner’s ego, increasing familiarity through touch and dialogues. The better you get at making others feel good about themselves, the more they may desire you.

  • Be funny:

Your energy levels should always be high. Be willing to try out new things. Guys love to hang out with fun women who believe in adventure.

  • Do not smother

Most guys prefer girls who are confident and independent. Learn how to control your emotions and make a person feel comfortable. Always be prepared to admit your mistakes. Do not blame other people.

  • Touch:

Use the art of touch to make your guy more interested in you. Take the time to explore his body in a sensual manner. For example, rub his arm while having a conversation. Most guys want women who can incite an emotion.

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