Teenage Crush

A crush develops for the opposite sex because of physical appearance. The crush may be a combination of funny, smart and sexy. While some crushes progress into deep relationships, other crushes fade. Teen crushes are common.

Here are a few ways to determine a teen-type crush:

  • Does your heart beat fast upon sight of this boy or girl? This is the first sign that you have a crush.
  • Do you feel shy or get all sweaty and nervous when he or she passes near you? Well, this is another sign of your having a crush.
  • If you very often imagine yourself being with him or her, going out on dates, or just being together, you know you have a crush on that person.

The above ways can help you know if you have a crush. There are times when you want the crush to progress. If you want the crush to better more, find out if the desired person has feelings for you. For example, you can initiate a conversation and watch for a response. However, you must accept that most crushes fade and never progress into a relationship.

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