How to Behave Around a Guy You Like

It is not uncommon for some women to feel shy or find it hard to speak when they are in the presence of the guy they like. They fail to realize that the man may be shy, too.

Here are a few tips to build your confidence levels and seek out the guy you like:

  • Always make a strong eye contact when speaking to him. Do not appear menacing, which can make the man nervous.
  • Learn how to flirt with the guy. Start with a casual conversation. Maintain the confidence level throughout the conversation.
  • Laugh and smile. Make him realize that you are a fun-loving person.
  • Find excuses to touch him often. A simple touch works as magic to a guy.
  • Compliment him often. Tell him, you like his haircut or his shirt. This will make him feel that you desire him.
  • If he asks you out, maintain your confidence. Make sure that he is serious and plan a great date.

These are a few ways you could attract the guy you like. Always remember, an independent and confidant woman, often attract men. If you flaunt these two qualities, you will go a long way.

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