How to be an Understanding Girlfriend

How many of you have tried your best to be an understanding girlfriend and failed to do so? Well, I am sure quite a few of you. You need to first understand yourself in order to understand your boyfriend.

Recognize your own fears and insecurities

Usually women do not like to admit that they have fears and insecurities, but if you know how to identify your weaknesses and fears, then it can help you identify your boyfriend’s weaknesses and fears.

Identify your moods

You have different moods which depend on a lot of factors, and they continually change. Sometimes you feel sad, other times happy, and other times excited or irritated. You need to first identify your own mood variations and then learn how to control them. This will help you cope with your boyfriend’s different moods.

Be able to ask for forgiveness

No one in this world is born perfect. It’s human nature to make mistakes, but learning to say sorry and apologizing if you have done something wrong is the key. Also, once you have apologized, try to avoid making the same mistake.

Make an effort to love yourself

If you start to love yourself, you will see a change in others’ attitudes toward you. By loving yourself, you portray yourself as a confident woman, and this confidence can be very attractive to others, including your boyfriend.

Give him support

Let your boyfriend know that you support him and will continue to in the future. He should know that you will always be there to share and care no matter the situation.

Only give constructive criticism

Do not continually criticize him. Instead try to concentrate on his positive qualities. Only give constructive criticism to help the situation, rather than criticism that may belittle him.

Try to respect his space

You need to give him space. He may need a guys’ night out or time to connect with his family. Remember there needs to be a balance between time in the relationship and time with his friends and family. Use his time away to concentrate on your own hobbies and interests.

Avoid judging him

He should be able to tell you anything and know that he will not be judged. You want him to trust you and know that you care for him.

Learn to consider his points of view

Nobody can be absolutely right. Learn to consider his points of view. Listen to him. Do not think about your response while he is talking; listen attentively, and try to consider from where he is coming. To be an understanding girlfriend you need to be a good listener.

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