Problems in Love Relationships

Love is not always a bed of roses. It may look rosy from the outside, but once you are in a relationship, there can be many ‘thorns.’

Some of the most common problems faced by people in a love relationship are:

“You don’t love me the way I love you”:
This is the most common problem many couples face in today’s world. We begin to examine all the ways we express our love for our partner, the amount of time and energy we put in for the relationship to grow stronger, and then we try to figure out whether our partner is reciprocating the same. If there is a slight misbalance in this, we tend to back away from our relationship. We must remember that people express their love in different ways. A woman usually wants her man to show affection, by holding her hand or telling her he loves her. A man usually feels loved when a woman shows she respects him. Respect means listening to what he has to say, and not thinking of her response as he’s speaking. If there is no affection or respect, it is likely that the relationship is not seen the same way.

You don’t find anything common between the two of you anymore:

You love each other, and that is the reason you are together today; however, you don’t seem to find anything in common between you two anymore. You are into art, he is into sports. You are a vegetarian; he enjoys his ground beef etc. The important thing to remember is everyone is unique and you started loving each other for a reason. It would be boring if everyone liked the same things; no one would ever step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Try to think back to the sweet things he has done for you and focus on the interests that are common for both of you. You could both like watching movies and taking walks, so try to make time for these common interests, because they can strengthen your relationship.

“If you really loved me, you would have”:
Unspoken expectations fall heavily on relationships. Once in a relationship, we tend to take our partner for granted. We start expecting too much out of them. If our expectations are not met, we start blaming our partner for not meeting our expectations. It is crucial to be able to communicate our expectations to the one we love. Each person must listen to the expectations of the other and then decide if these expectations are realistic and can be met or if compromise may be an option. If one person has high expectations and is unwilling to compromise, it is probably best to end the relationship. If they have certain expectations for their partner, and they are not being met, soon resentment will set in, and the relationship will be doomed; however, if you can accept expectations and successfully compromise on others, your relationship can become stronger.

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