Signs and Behaviors of an Abusive Boyfriend

Abuse should not be tolerated in any situation, whether it is a marriage or just dating. How do you know if your boyfriend is turning out to be an abusive boyfriend? Well, you need to identify different patterns in his behavior toward you.

  • Listen to how he speaks to you. If he calls you names or hurts you emotionally with abusive words and derogatory terms, then make sure you end the relationship. He may try to apologize by saying he was teasing you and you should learn to not take things so seriously or he may say that it was said out of anger and he didn’t mean it. These are excuses, and the pattern is likely to repeat itself.
  • Keep an eye out for jealousy. It is normal if your boyfriend gets a little jealous when you are talking to another guy friend, but it is not normal if he is jealous of your female friends and family members.
  • Watch his moods. If he changes his moods quickly and continually blames you for his bad moods, then you know your boyfriend is on his way to becoming an abusive boyfriend.
  • Check if he respects your privacy. Find out if your boyfriend respects your privacy. See if he wants to know who is calling you or whom you are calling on the phone. See if he is accessing your mail ID to keep tabs on you.

If you find any or all of these behaviors, then you know he has the tendency to become abusive in the relationship.

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