How to date a Narcissist Person?

Dating a narcissist is a difficult thing to do. Unfortunately today the society is producing a new bunch of individuals who are totally love with themselves and this is making some individuals realize that they have entered in a relationship with a narcissist person.

Before you enter a relationship with a narcissist, you must know all the characteristics of a narcissist. A narcissist is an individual who is in love with himself/ herself. They carry an attitude of being the best in this world. So, if your date is a person who loves to exaggerate you his/her worth, believe he/she is the best and seeking attention, then probably you are dating a narcissist.

How to date a Narcissist Person?

Sacrifice yourself

First thing that you need to do for dating a narcissist is to forget yourself. After all a narcissist likes the world to revolve around them. For them it’s all about ‘me’. This means the person they are dating should forget about themselves and focus on them. Therefore to make a narcissist happy, you need to make them feel that the world revolves around them.

Compliment them all the time

A narcissist always have this feeling that he/she is the center of the earth. So they should be given all the attention by the people whom they are dating. Now, this attention can be through either compliment.

Give a sense of control

A narcissist person likes to have all the control. They like to decide over things like what will happen and how will happen. Therefore they expect that the person they date should make them feel that they are in charge of the relationship.

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