How to deal with a Jealous Boyfriend?

Be it a girlfriend or a boyfriend, anyone can turn into a jealous partner in a relationship. It is a problem known to millions, who are in a romantic relationship. So for all those ladies who are having a trouble with their jealous boyfriend, these are some tips you need to follow:

Do not deal

A good relationship is always built on trust. If your boyfriend is acting jealous without a valid reason, it’s better to avoid situations where you will have to deal with it.  For example, if he usually gets jealous when you are at a club because there are so many other guys around, it may be good to avoid the club scene.

Accept the problem

If you really love and care for your boyfriend and want your love to work, then accept the insecurity that he has and work with him. Remember, accepting doesn’t mean shouting and scolding him, but being patient and loving to him.

What is the issue?

To solve an issue, you need to understand it by searching deep inside. Find out why he is so jealous. Find out where the actual problem lies. Did he have a troubled childhood?

Listen to him

You will never understand his problem, until you make it a point to listen him. Listen to what he wants to tell you. This will help you to learn more things about him and how to deal with his insecurities.

Communicate with him

Avoid arguing with him, as this will only make the situation worse. Talk to him , make him feel comfortable and free to express his fear of losing  you. Make him understand that you will be always there for him and he should have confidence in you and the relationship.

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