How to know that you are a Commitment Phobic?

You may find all your past relationships are short-lived. It may be that you haven’t met the right person yet, or you may be waiting for the perfect relationship with the right person.  You may think that you are just being picky or choosy. But, it may be that you are actually a commitment phobic. A commitment phobic is someone who is scared to commit in a relationship.

How to know that you are a Commitment Phobic?

  • The first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself certain questions. Like, have you rejected some potential partner because you are waiting for the right person? Do you have unrealistic expectations?
    Do you over-analyze your date’s character, before even getting to know them? If you answer these questions, you will know whether your expectations are too high and stopping you from getting into a relationship.
  •  Think and evaluate the past relationships that you had. Is your past relationship causing you to be afraid to start a new one? Were you cheated or hurt in your past relationship?  See if your past relationship is cause of your current behavior.
  • Think and decide what is important to you at this specific moment? Regardless of your past experiences, decide what personality, characteristics and values you need from your ideal partner? You may have preferences, but you should also be ready for a person who may not be perfect, but has most of the traits you desire.
  • You must forgive yourself and realize that none of us are perfect in this world.

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