Signs and Symptoms of a Commitment Phobic Man

A commitment phobic man is one who is scared to commit to a relationship. This kind of behavior can be result of several negative experiences, beliefs or personal problems. Commitment phobia can happen in both men and women, but usually is more common in men. So, let’s find out some of the signs and typical behaviors of a commitment phobic man.

Signs and Symptoms of a Commitment Phobic Man

  • Usually commitment phobic men have many short relationships, while avoiding marriage. They will say they just haven’t met the right woman, to justify all their past relationships.
  • If they ever were married it was probably only for a short time. If they were in a long term relationship, they may have a history of infidelity.
  • While the relationship lasts, these men are mostly very loving and affectionate, because in their mind they know that this relationship is for short term. So, there is no harm in showing love and affection.
  • Usually commitment phobic men like to be in a relationship, but at the same time want their space. They usually prefer a long distance relationship or a busy career-oriented woman.
  • They are fast in getting into a relationship and will attract and pursue a woman quickly.
  • Usually they are very charming and romantic. They are really good at selling themselves to meet their interests.  But, in actuality they have hardly any concern about the woman.


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