How to Know If Your Date is A Commitment Phobic

Are you ready for a commitment? Do you think you have meet with the ‘right one’? Before you make your decision of a life-long commitment, you need to find out if your date or your partner is a commitment phobic. You need to recognize it before you become too attached to him emotionally.

How to Know If Your Date is A Commitment Phobic?

  • You need to check some of the obvious signs of whether your date is a commitment phobic. Do you both make plans in advance?  Are you dating exclusively? Has your date or partner introduced you to his/her friends and families? If not, then you know that they are not ready for a commitment nor they are looking for a special and exclusive relationship.
  • Do a little bit of research about your date’s past relationships. If you find your date has been part of many short term relationships, then you know that he/she may not be looking for a commitment at present. You might feel that he/she may change with time and it will be worth the wait. But, whatever your decision may be, you need to consider it seriously.
  • Another way to find out is to be direct. Ask your date what he/she is expecting from this relationship.  You don’t know what your partner’s intentions are until you ask.  If you receive a vague answer, he/she is probably not ready for a relationship.  But, if they clearly state that your relationship is important and something you will both work on, maybe there is a good chance for you.

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