How to deal with a Commitment Phobic Boyfriend?

Are you dating a guy in whom you can smell commitment phobia? If so, then it is essential that you maintain your individuality, continue to be the woman you were before you became a couple.  A commitment phobic man likes to chase.  He is addicted to it and will only settle after he knows he has achieved his goal. They like to have challenges in getting a person or a thing. So, if you really want to have a control over your commitment phobic boyfriend, then here are some tips on how to deal with him properly.

Tips to deal with a Commitment Phobic Boyfriend :

Continue the chase
Keep the chase on. Let him continue to chase you. You can only do this by limiting the dates that you go on with him and also by limiting the number of phone calls that you make to him. Let him understand your importance and make him miss you. This will make him long for you and keep him guessing.

Do not let him know you
Never be an open book to him. Be mysterious to him, even though you have been dating him for a long time. Try to develop some new hobbies to engage yourself without him. This will help you to not fall in his trap and make him long for you. Try to have a life for yourself apart from him. Make sure to enjoy life while being alone as well as with him. Avoid giving attention to your guy.

Try to be commitment phobic yourself
Show him that you yourself do not like to be committed and can be out of the relationship anytime. As he finds out that you are also all right outside of the relationship, then he will be more interested in being with you.

Do not give him all the control
If he gives you something appreciate it, but do not give him all the control in your life. There is no harm in appreciating him, but don’t let him control you.

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