How to Combat Commitment Phobia?

Commitment phobia is a kind of fear. It is either a fear of making wrong decisions or fear of lost possessions. Especially, it is the fear of committing to anything. Just like a coin, a commitment phobic person has two sides. On one side, they are not ready for any kind of commitments, ties, or boundations, whereas on the other side, they want to experience all the things that a committed person does.

Men usually tend to be more commitment phobic than women. But in a recent survey it has been suggested that it may be a result of stereotyping and not gender specific.


One of the main reasons for a person to be commitment phobic is intimacy. Commitment phobics want to enjoy and experience an intimate relationship, but are scared to commit to marriage. They feel marriage and a serious commitment will bring to an end every dating opportunity they get while being single or not committed.


When it comes to a romantic relationship, a commitment phobic always get scared of love and emotional connection. According to psychologists, commitment phobics display this type of behavior due to their beliefs about relationship.

How to cure?

For combating this problem, there are various medications and therapies which might help you or might not. But ultimately everything relies upon your will power. You need to work it out yourself, if you really want to fight this phobia.

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