How to Plan a Candlelit Dinner for Your Beloved

Be it your sweetheart’s birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, a candlelit dinner is a classic way to surprise your beloved and celebrate your special day. You may decide to arrange at home or at your favorite restaurant.

How to Plan A Candlelit Dinner for Your Beloved?

  • Consider the day your special occasion falls on. If it falls during a week day, then you may want to plan to organize it over the weekend .That makes it more convenient and easy to plan a good candlelit dinner.
  • If you are married and have children then plan something else for them. Create an atmosphere of intimacy so that you both can spend quality time with each other and enjoy the romantic candlelit dinner.
  • If you are planning to arrange it at home, then you must plan the menu beforehand and shop for the romantic dinner. It is up to you to decide what kind of food you want to make. It can be either a new recipe that you would like to try or something that your partner likes. If you are not comfortable with cooking, then just order food from a restaurant.
  • Next, set the table and create the mood. Use your best table cloth, napkins and dishes. Place the candles in a beautiful candle stand and place it in the center of the table. Keep the matches ready.
  • You can also make or print a menu with all the dishes that are included in the dinner. Place this menu on your beloved’s plate.
  • You can either chill a bottle of wine or a non-alcoholic sparkling drink to enhance the mood. Set two wine glasses with the other arrangements on the table, so that you both can toast to the special evening that you are celebrating.

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