Symptoms of an overly Jealous Girlfriend

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be equally as tough as finding the right person. One of the factors that can be harmful to a relationship is jealousy. Sometime it can spoil all the good aspects of a relationship. Now, how do you know that your girlfriend is overly jealous? Here are some of the signs and symptoms of an overly jealous girlfriend.

Symptoms of an overly Jealous Girlfriend

  • She may start having trust issues with you, when it should not be a problem. Despite you not showing any signs of dishonesty towards her, she does not trust or believe anything you say. This is one of the sure signs of a jealous girlfriend.
  • She would not allow you to either talk or go out with your female friends or colleagues. Your girlfriend may get angry when you just meet your friends or pay them a casual visit.
  • You may notice certain unkindness in her behavior if this is the situation. She may try to embarrass or put down your female friends and other girls around you.
  • She may try to make all your decisions for you.
  • She will also try to go through all your things like phone bills, emails, credit card bills, transactions etc.
  • She may also turn out to be obsessed in dragging people down in every context and situation.


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