Home Remedy for Commitment Phobic

Commitment phobic are people who are scared to advance a relationship. Be it a love relationship or a marriage, commitment phobias hide other deeper and serious issues. Now these issues can be dealt, if the person is willing to agree and confront them.

Symptoms of commitment phobia

There are number of symptoms of being a commitment phobic. One has the fear to commit to any relationship or to any kind of responsibility. Some may have the fear of getting close or fear of getting rejected etc. Usually it’s the people who come from a divorced family or a failed relationship suffers from this phobia.

Deeper Fears

There are also certain deeper fears that make a person commitment phobic like, fear of loosing their financial, social and sexual freedom. There are many individuals who feel the same way and therefore scared to commit themselves in a relationship.


Best way to solve this problem is to be honest with yourself and also with your partner. Talk to your partner and exchange ideas about the issue with each other. Commitment does not mean that you loose your freedom, but yes for certain things you need to draw the line.

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