Understanding your girlfriend

Sometimes understanding girls can become a little complex. That does not mean you should give up hope but rather listen when she talks to you and read between the lines. These will help you to understand what she really wants or needs.

How to understand your girlfriend?

Here are some tips to help you understand your girlfriend and what she really means.

  • If she says she has had a really busy day that means she wants to be pampered by you. She, unlike a man, will not tell you directly, but expects you to know that she needs to relax and wants you to help her.
  • When your girlfriend says she does not feel like talking, that means you both need to talk. There is something making her upset and worrying her. So as a boyfriend you need to talk to her, get her to open up and share her problems with you.
  • If she says that she is not jealous, then you know she is insecure and needs your reassurance about your relationship.
  • When your girl asks if you are together, then she means are you ready for a commitment. Usually guys are more commitment-phobic than girls. Girls usually like to have a stable, committed, and secure relationship. So when she says this you know that she wants reassurance from you about a serious commitment to the relationship.

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