How to handle a stubborn boyfriend?

Usually a stubborn person is a one who is unreasonable and refuses to change their views about an action or an idea. A stubborn person generally refuses to give a solid explanation or a reason for their resistance and views.

Reasons and causes for your boyfriend’s stubbornness

Reason which he can’t reveal

Often a stubborn person has a very strong reason to refuse to change their mind set and what they think. But they may never like to share the reason behind this refusal.

Defending an idea

Some people think that if their views are not taken into consideration, then they are not important. They try to identify themselves with their ideas.

How to deal with your stubborn boyfriend?

  • Try to give more importance to your decisions and what you want from life and the relationship. This will make your guy understand that you are not there to entertain him but to be the way you are.
  • Listen to your guy properly. Be attentive to what he is saying. If you haven’t got it properly, ask him again and question him. Know what he wants to say.
  • After hearing him, make it clear to him that he should also listen to you if he want you to listen to him. It should be two way process and a fair one too.
  • Most important thing, understand him and encourage him to be honest while expressing him self. This will help you more in dealing with him properly.

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