What Makes A Guy Fall In Love?

Have you ever wondered what makes a man suddenly decide “Yes, l love her”? Is it looks, or the personality or something else very different? Well, you may never have a clear-cut answer. However, there are a few common principles that makes a man fall in love, which may be the complete opposite to what most women feel:

Men do not go crazy with appearance when it comes to love:

Sure, I agree that men are visual creatures, so being attractive and dressing well instantly catches their attention. However good looks are probably not enough to make them fall in love, especially if the woman doesn’t have a great personality to match her looks. Personality really matters when it comes to love, it takes a warm personality to make them feel truly connected to you.

Men prefer independent women:

Some women may be thinking that the more they are dependent on their men, the more “macho” and “in control” their men feel. This however may be another misconception. A little dependence is normal but to be completely dependent on the man is a big turn-off for some guys. Men will ultimately say goodbye to women who are too “high maintenance” for them. It is not really a good way to make a guy fall in love with you.

Men do not just say “I love you”for sex:

Do you ever imagine that men will immediately commit to you once you take them to bed? If so, please forget it, because it will never work for long-term relationship. Yes, they may like you for some time, but trust me it will damage your chances of achieving a long-term or serious relationship with him.

Now, as you know men do not make long term commitments to a woman because of her physical looks. What you should understand is that emotional attraction is what makes a man decide to say “yes, I really love her”.


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