How To Make Your Sagittarius Guy Fall In Love With You?

Sagittarius guys are born under the character of fearless and strong archer. Thus, sagittarius is explicitly a masculine sign and incredibly sexy. They appreciate and like those women who are adventurous like them rather than those typical feminine character who sits at home and knits. Following are few tips on how to woo a sagittarius guy.

Embrace Adventure:

Be it the weekend trip or lunchtime trek to some beautiful island or to the beach, sagittarius guy will be attracted by your ability to go anywhere. Nothing is too exotic for the fun loving and adventurous sagittarius guy, so just pack up your stuff and enjoy the adventurous trip.

Don’t nag him all the time, give him his freedom:

A sagittarius guy can’t stand those nagging shrew. So if you want to impress a sagittarius guy, don’t scrutinize and hound his every step. Sometimes he may want some of his adventures without you, accept him and give him some space and show that you understand him.

Laugh together with him:

Sagittarius men have good sense of humor. You can easily woo a sagittarius guy if you can appreciate his sense of humor and enjoy together with him when he’s joking.

A sagittarius men enjoy long talks and walk in the sunset:

His intelligent and philosophical mind is always going to be questioning, probing and exploring different interesting topics. Try to enjoy and engage him in the lengthy conversations. But make sure, you don’t simply sit and just answer “yes” or “no”, he likes someone who matches his wits.

Try to take up or learn some of his hobbies:

Admit yourself when you really don’t know something. Nothing wrong in saying that you’ve never gone for skydiving or hunting, at the same time don’t hesitate to say that you want to try it. He’ll be amazed to see your willingness to try and learn something he loves.

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  1. I’m really trying with exact type of man and I do love adventure but I’m not being able to be at same level as he is all the time so I don’t know but most of what is mentioned I do see it in him and ill try to apply some of these tips and well see

    Thx so much

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