Top Four Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

When you set your eyes on one girl, you probably want nothing else but to win her heart and make her to fall in love with you. If you just go straight to her and tell her “you love her”, she will obviously think you are crazy! So as a guy you may like to know how you can approach a woman and win her heart.

Here are some love tips for men to win a girl’s heart:

Make eye contact when you talk at her:

When you are talking to her, make sure that you make eye contact and do it in such a way that it makes her feel connected. Let her feel the chemistry. Eyes are a very powerful tool to woo a girl and eye contact is a great way to make her fall for you.

Try to know her properly and find out her secrets:

When you are talking with her, don’t talk to her as if you are interviewing her. Some girls find it very irritating when a guy asks too many questions about her. Talk to her and ask intelligent questions so that she can relate stories about herself or something that she’s passionate about. By getting to know her on a deeper level will help you to win her heart.

Make her feel that you are more than just her friend:

Caring is the key to opening a women’s heart. Woo a girl, take care of her and make her feel that you really care about her more than anything else. Also, appreciate and praise her for any good things she does, and make her feel special in front of others.

He should have a good a good sense of humor:

Women like a guy who has a good sense of humor more than anything else. Try to tease her whenever you can and always make her laugh. Teasing may be a good trick if you want to build sexual tension between you.

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