How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You Every Day

There are countless ways to make your boyfriend stick by you and make sure he thinks of you every day if you really love your boyfriend. Especially if your boyfriend is very handsome and manly, another girl might suddenly steal your boyfriend’s heart. So, here are a few tips to make sure your guy loves you till the end.

Give your boyfriend a pet name

Every guy wants his woman to be a little witty and sweet. To make your boyfriend crazy about you, you can give him an endearing name that only both of you know. By giving him a pet name, you can be interesting and witty enough to be his girlfriend till the end.

Use your sweetest voice

Guys are crazy about a sweet sexy voice. Use your sweetest tone to make him miss you and long to hear your voice. Let him know how sexy and sweet you sound. Using your sweetest, sexiest voice will make sure he’ll hear it even during your absence.

Keep in touch with him

Let him feel your touch all the time. Try reaching your hands inside his pockets and taking the keys yourself instead of asking him for them. Or when you want to give your guy something, press your breasts gently against him. Let him feel your touch every single day.

Talk less about you

Try talking about him or something else rather than talking about you. The less you talk about yourself, the more he’ll crave you. Yes, guys are by nature fans of less detail. So, the less you tell him about you, the more he’ll yearn to learn about you.

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