How to Persuade a Guy to Fall in Love with You

Persuading a guy to fall in love with you requires timing, skill and patience. Most guys think that they know exactly what they want, so your job is to be what he wants. Love will easily come your way if you know how to handle a guy. So if you have a crush on someone and want him to fall in love with you, following these tips may help you win your guy’s heart.

Love yourself first

It’s been found that women who respect themselves are more fascinating than those who have low self-esteem. This doesn’t mean you have to be conceited and think you’re better than everyone else. Someone with a healthy self-esteem naturally has self-confidence, regardless of their physical imperfections. Love yourself and show your guy your confidence.

Draw the conversation toward him

Most men love to talk about themselves and their world. Be a good listener when he’s talking to you, but don’t simply sit and listen, nodding your head. Try to ask some questions about him to make the conversation more interesting. Try to find out his hobbies or interests, and learn more about them so that you don’t end up sitting quietly and bored while he’s talking about his world.

Try to build a good friendship first

Never be in hurry to show your love to him. Take some time to become his friend. In this way, you give a chance for him to open up his heart to future romance. Friendship will provide a solid basis and build trust for your future relationship. And you’ll find you can understand him better as well.

Let him take the lead

Even when you have almost won his heart, try not to tell him “I love you” first. Give him time to set the pace for a future romance, and allow him to tell you his feelings first, in his own time. Meanwhile, keep listening to him and be confident of yourself.

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  1. I’ve been dating a guy exclusively for 4 years; however, within the first few months of dating, he confessed to me that he wasn’t over his ex-girlfriend and wasn’t in-love with me. Despite everything, we continued to date and several months later, I confronted him with the fact that I wanted a relationship and not just a friendship, so I broke up with him. Then, after a couple of months, I sent him a text message on a whim. He immediately responded to me, and came to see me. From that point on, we’ve been back to dating exclusively. So, that was 3 years ago. Our relationship was not defined as such, and we never discussed or labeled ourselves as boyfriend/girlfriend. However, we’ve always been very caring, respectful, and supportive of eachother. He basically has behaved as my boyfriend in many ways. I’ve met and gotten to know his friends and family, we’ve spent holidays & birthdays together. We would talk on the phone during the week, and would see eachother on weekends. He’s been reliable and trustworthy. However, the key ingredient that’s been missing is true love and romance. It’s been more of a really close friendship, and I’ve been patiently waiting for things to flourish, but never wanted to push him.

  2. We definteliy need more smart people like you around.

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