How to Flirt with Your Guy and Have Fun

Flirting is an art that most women and men would love to master in today’s world. Flirting is one of the best ways to give signal to the opposite sex and grab their attention. If you want to capture a guy’s attention, you just have to follow these simple tips and you can win his heart.

Flirt in a very natural way

Flirting can be done naturally and easily. If you are a very silent and shy person, you can overcome your nervousness by flirting naturally. Don’t panic, you just need to follow your natural desires and feelings.

Know the unwritten rules of flirting

Before you start flirting with a guy, you should know that there is certain “etiquette” and some “rules” that you need to remember. These will help you to know when, where and with whom you can flirt. Once you know these things, you can step out anywhere and have fun.

Move into the social life

If you want to flirt around with a guy and have fun, you should understand that being introverted and staying at home will not help you to find opportunities to flirt with a guy. So try to connect with more friends and hangout more with your friends.


Smiles can work wonders in flirting. Once you give a sexy smile to someone, you motivate him to respond. A smile is a way of signaling your interest in him and can begin the building of a friendship. Smiling may be the safest and best step towards making a move.

Catch his attention

Make sure that you’re wearing something attractive or bringing something to catch his attention. You can even bring a cute puppy or an iPod to keep the conversation going.

Use body language

Maintaining eye contact or looking into his eyes, soft whispers, talking in a low voice and leaning forward invitingly are some ways to draw a guy’s attention.

Stay focused

Once you have given him your sexy smile and winning look, be confident in yourself and enjoy the moment. Being shy will not take you anywhere. Stay focused on him and let him be aware of you.

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