How to Flirt and Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend

If you want to rekindle your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, flirting with him may be your first step. Slowly watch your ex-boyfriend’s body language to decide whether he’s still interested in you or not and respond to him accordingly. Always remember that winning back your ex-boyfriend requires patience. Below are some tips on how to flirt and win back your ex.

Try to change your looks

Change to a great new look to make sure that your ex notices how beautiful you are. You can change your looks by getting a new hairstyle, losing weight, changing your way of dressing or wearing makeup differently.

Be confident

Watch your posture and make sure that you look smart and gorgeous when your ex is around. You’ll convey to your ex that you are confident, friendly and smart with or without him.

Flaunt your femininity

Show your best features like your curvy body, toned legs, lips, eyes or the one your ex most likes about your body. Consider wearing high heels and flowing skirts, and play with your hair casually when you are talking with him.

Always smile and look happy

When you smile you are inviting him to approach you and you show that you’re open to interacting with him. It also shows that you’re having fun and having a great time.

Watch your ex’s body language

Look for the signals your ex-boyfriend sends, such as smiling warmly, prolonged eye contact, leaning closer or touching you and initiating a conversation. If he’s not interested, he may avoid looking at your eyes and stand or sit with his arms crossed.

Be positive and keep your interaction fun. He may have negative feelings about you, so you have to make him associate you with excitement and fun.

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