How to Casually Communicate with Your Crush?

Do you struggle to find things to talk about when you are talking with your crush? If you feel uncomfortable and worry about sounding stupid, this article may be helpful to you in dealing with these issues.

  • Practice in the mirror. Before you meet your crush, decide what you are going to talk about.
  • Try to approach your crush when she/he is alone or in a casual situation.
  • Use a simple conversation starter like “Hey, how’s work going?” or “Hey, what’s up?” Communicate with him/her casually as you would talk to your friends.
  • When she/he responds, try to continue the conversation casually and naturally. Do not be worried about what to say and how you sound, just talk normally and easily.
  • Depending on how the conversation ends, say “thanks”, “nice talking to you” or “talk to you later.”
  • If they do not respond, the reason may be that they are not interested to you or an incredibly shy person. So keep trying and just move on, but avoid showing your interest towards him/her too quickly.
  • If the conversation goes smoothly and they are smiling back at you or putting in an effort to continue talking with you, do not forget to say “Hey, my name is …what is your name?”
  • When you talk do not look around, keep eye contact as that will make you less nervous.
  • Never talk about their previous boyfriends or girlfriends or their personal life until such time as you have become closer.

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