How To Interact With A Girl You Admire For The First Time

If you treat and talk to a girl in a decent manner you can have your girl at your side long before you would expect it. It’s a process that has to be done slowly without being too pushy about your intentions. Unreasonable pressure may portray you in a bad light and make you seem thoughtless and rude. You should be gentle, kind, nice, sweet, and thoughtful without flattering too much. Here are few tips on how to interact with a girl you like.

It’s all about confidence:

Maintain some attitude that she is fortunate to have a guy like you and make sure that you make her laugh. If you are shy or not confident, try to practice at home before you meet her. Don’t put her down as if she is too lucky to have or you are too good for her.

Compliment her:

Do not forget to compliment her whenever you find anything good about her. However do not say something which is not true, and if you do want to flatter her say it at the right time.

Take on her side and show that you care for her:

Girls like it when guys try to protect or defend them when someone threatens them or makes fun of them. However, these things would rarely happen in a college or workplace.

Talk to her openly:

Girls feel at home and are more attached when guys talk to them openly and honestly. So try to be as honest with her as you can without hurting her.

Do not ever say to a girl “you are sexy or hot” at the first meeting.

Saying things like you are hot or sexy to girls makes them very uncomfortable. This may be a great turn off for some girls. Say she is beautiful or pretty and make them feel happy and comfortable.

If girls ask whether they look stupid or bad, just say “NO”

Never pause and think when girls ask such questions, no matter what they ask just say “No”. This is especially important in the beginning. If you think for some time and then answer “NO” they might assume you are lying.

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