How To Understand That Your Girl Likes You?

You become very close with your girl but you are confused what those smiles, glances and looks mean???? check out these following steps and find out what they mean and get to know whether she really likes you or not. Strike up a small conversation with her, this will help you to learn more about her and understand her feelings.

  • If she likes you she may be very uncomfortable, so she may start playing her hair or adjusting her dress
  • She will laugh for normal boring jokes and she might giggle frequently for no reason if she likes you
  • She may not look straight to your eyes when talking to you or some other girls might just stare at you if they like you
  • Watch out for the signs of flirting. If she’s a flirtatious girl it may be difficult to read. But normally flirtatious girls may flirt with you if they want to consider you to be just friends.
  • She’ll constantly try to touch you. But don’t immediately jump to conclusion that she doesn’t like you if she’s not touching you. Some girls may be very shy and nervous to touch a guy.
  • Observe how she’s looking at you. She will either pull away immediately or hold the look for a long time if she likes you.
  • Look at her friends. If you find her friends looking at you and giggling or smiling, this means she’s talking about you to her friends
  • Smile at her and see. If she returns a big smile or soft smile and hold a look at you, this means she is interested at you.
  • If she hits you playfully on your shoulder or somewhere above your elbow, this means she likes you.
  • If she likes you she might be constantly ask your choice of girls to find out whether she is your type or not.

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