How to Figure Out that Your Guy is Interested in You

Before your guy asks you out or gives you a bunch of red roses, how can you figure out if he is interested in you? The easiest way is to observe his body language. It may differ a little from person to person, but most guys will show the same body language. Here are some common ways guys will show they’re interested in you.

  • He’ll keep his eye on you most of the time. He’ll look into your eyes and talk to you if he likes you.
  • He’ll often run his hand through his hair and try to adjust it, even if his hair isn’t messed up.
  • He’ll make sure that he dresses properly and he’ll try to adjust his clothes whenever your eyes meet his.
  • He may straighten his posture and hold his head high in order to impress you.
  • If he’s holding something in his hand, he may start playing or fiddling with it. His hands will be very restless. This is a sign that he likes you and is nervous.
  • He’ll often lean towards you. If he offers his shoulder when you get close to him that means he really likes you cares for you and feels very romantic.
  • He’ll constantly try to touch you and be near you, or he may give you a hug for small things.

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