How To Flirt With Girls Via Text Messages?

If you want to flirt with girls through text messages and impress them, you just have to get their phone number and just follow the following steps and have fun.

  • The first message should be short yet humorous and flirty. You don’t require a response in your first message. So instead of sending some text questions, just text something flirty and witty.
  • Convey your emotions by using some caps, smiley’s, symbols or emotions to spice up the text
  • Try to expand your message and exaggerate experience. Don’t just cut off the sentence suddenly. Try to keep the conversation going
  • Try saying their names sometimes, but they may get annoyed if you use too much.
  • Touch on various subjects and be random.
  • There is an unknown incredible power of not responding. So sometimes if she sends you a boring or useless text, simply don’t respond and wait for her response
  • Remember guys, don’t try to flirt when you are lonely. When you are in good mood or happy only you text her.
  • Answer questions with a witty or flirty statement and changing the subject
  • Just as guys do, even girls love reading dirty text messages. But avoid sending too many.
  • While texting sometimes you try to get into playful arguments.
  • Above all, never stop being witty and have fun. Flirting will remain in style, so enjoy flying your fingers and win some hearts.

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