What Makes Your Spouse Cheat?

Rejection is the main reason your spouse might cheat on you. If you’ve made fun of his deepest thoughts or judged him, he may look for other girls who understand and respect his feelings. What everyone wants is to be loved for who or what we really are.

Communication is key to building a good relationship. We often hear that women have better relationship skills than men. Yet, women often make painful comments without even knowing it. The following are some common reasons your spouse might cheat on you.

Not understanding his desires

By nature men are more driven by sexual needs and more visual. We all know that sex is important to building a healthy adult relationship. Learn to understand the differences between women’s and men’s needs so you can build a lasting and successful relationship without cheating.

Rejection when sharing his fantasies

As mentioned earlier rejection is a main reason for cheating. This mostly occurs when a woman is asked to share her partner’s fantasies and desires and she overreacts and rejects his fantasies. This may be because of her insecurities and fear. Women often will also start judging their partners.

Therefore, to build a successful relationship, you need to understand your partner’s deep feelings and desires. Ask yourself whether he’s the right person for you. If you feel he is, maybe you can also accept his fantasies, if they’re not degrading or harmful to you. If there’s something that goes against your very being, pick your words wisely, gently tell him and make him understand your feelings.

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