17 Signs Your Girlfriend is Having an Affair

If you think that your girlfriend is having an affair, don’t confront her immediately. Wait till you have enough evidence. Make sure that you keep your thoughts to yourself and check out some clues first, till you get the bottom of it.

Common signs of a cheating girlfriend

  • If she’s very careless, you may find birth-control pills or some contraceptives in her handbag or medicine cabinet.
  • Mutual friends may start acting strangely towards you.
  • She may start using a new e-mail ID and not tell you about it.
  • She may start going to the gym and following a strict workout program.
  • She may start using a new cell phone or phone number and not tell you about it.
  • She may start deleting all incoming and outgoing calls from her phone’s caller ID.
  • She may start raising hypothetical questions like, “Do you think a person can fall in love with two people at once?”
  • She may start purchasing different undergarments.
  • She may become very enthusiastic in helping with the laundry work.
  • She might have unexplained bruises or scratches on her body, especially her neck.
  • She may suddenly want to experiment with new love techniques.
  • She may suddenly want more sex or she may suddenly start avoiding having sex with you.
  • She may pick fights for silly reasons and find reasons to fight with you.
  • She may suddenly show interest in a different kind of song or music.
  • She may suddenly become very conscious about her appearance, like her clothes and looks.
  • She may talk on the phone in a low voice or whisper and hang up immediately when you come home.

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