How To Impress A Girl On Your First Date

First date can be very nerve racking but exciting as well. On one hand you may be very happy to go out with someone new; on the other hand you may be very nervous and worried how you will act while trying to impress her. Fortunately if you just follow these tips you are sure to impress a girl on the first date naturally.

Pick up your date from her house

Make sure that you pick her up from her house and you come on time or at least five minutes earlier. This will give a good impression to your date that you care about her time and are considerate of your plans.

Bring a little gift for your date

Don’t forget to bring a little gift to your date, preferably flowers. This shows that you put some thought into the date beforehand and wanted to do something nice for her.

Plan something different and fun for your date

Try to think something different and bring out new interesting ideas. Think something more interesting than just traditional first date dinner, this will give an impression to your date that you are a creative and interesting person as well as took the time to put some thought into your evening.

Show interest on her

Avoid any awkward silence; try to keep the conversation going to her by asking about her interests or hobbies and discussing them in greater detail. But don’t make this exchange one sided.  Sprinkle the conversation with details about yourself also, but make sure that you don’t go overboard.  The key is to find balance in both you and your date talking.

Drop her back to her home safely

Don’t forget to say thank you and tell that you had a great time. After you drop her off, don’t rush off before she gets inside her house.  Waiting for her to get inside will make her realize that you are concern about her safety.

Above all, to impress a girl on your first date is to be confident about yourself and relax.

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