How To Attract A Guy On A Date

Before heading out on a date with a guy you are trying to impress, this article will give you few tips how to keep that guy interested on your date. Well, your looks may be the first thing you can captures his attention. However, it may not be enough to keep him around for a deeper relationship.

Dress to impress

Guys may like it when you show some skin since guys are more visual creatures, but over-revealing may not be the best move if you are looking for some meaningful relationship. Wearing a dress that shows little part of your leg, back or your shoulders are perfectly fine. But remember that whatever you are wearing, it should be comfortable for you so that you don’t have to keep adjusting your dress which is distracting and shows a lack of confidence in your appearance.

Wear some makeup, but don’t overdo it

Going with a simple lipstick or lip gloss makes a huge impact. A little eyeliner and mascara will give a glamorous look as well, but don’t overdo it.  Guys want to see that you tried but aren’t overdone.

Be polite

Don’t speak rudely or say mean things, to him or anyone around you on the date such as the wait staff, for example.  Don’t criticize his opinion as criticizing may be a big turn off for most guys. Speak politely even if you don’t agree with his opinion.  There are ways to debate an issue without being rude and abrasive.

Maintain good table manners

Talking with your mouth full is a big No No.  Eat slowly and chew with your mouth closed. If you’re not aware of proper table manners, please do some homework before you step out from your door.

Don’t keep the conversation only about you

Even if he asks you, it’s not okay to share your entire life story on the first date. If your date doesn’t work out, you may not want him to know all your private information or if you continue your relationship with him you can share later. Try to keep going the conversation between you two.  Remember to look for a balance in the conversation as opposed to making it one sided.

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