How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Have you ever meet your Mr. Right and let him passed away from your life with just a friendship even though you wanted more? Well, if you don’t want to lose him, check out the following steps and to reveal your true feelings.

  • Use body language and send some signals that you like him. Hold a long gaze to his eyes if you catch him gazing you and remember to smile confidently.
  • Give your full attention when he’s talking as if he’s the only person in the world.  Dividing your attention elsewhere sends the signal that you don’t really want to be talking to him in the first place.
  • Try some subtle flirting while you are engaging one another, but keep it simple and natural.
  • Try to get the opportunity to be with him alone before your first date.  This way if it doesn’t go as you expected, you know before heading out together.
  • Take it light; don’t take it too seriously at first. You want to keep things light while you guys get to know one another.
  • Don’t blurt out that you like him right after you meet him. Wait for the right moment and time to express your interest in him romantically.
  • Be lighthearted about it when you tell him that you like him. Tell him the reasons why you like him and leave it just like that. Then wait for his response; now it’s his move.

Remember that if it doesn’t work out, don’t get disappointed. Why should you keep pining for the wrong person when your Mr. Right is somewhere out there waiting for you?

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