Flirting Tips For Teenage Girls

Flirting is an art which most boys and girls have naturally, but that is practiced in different manners. There is nothing wrong in flirting with guys as long as you know your limits and know when it is appropriate. Check out the following tips to stay on the top of your game.

Groom yourself properly

No matter the age, appearance does really matter quite a bit when flirting with guys. Guys are more visual creatures so take this into consideration when choosing your outfits and your overall physique.

Show off your skills

Try to learn something, be it music, leadership, sports, etc. and become good at that. The more you earn respect from people, the bigger your confidence level will be and the easier it will be to flirt with guys.

Make eye contact

Make eye contact whenever you are talking with others, especially with opposite sex. If you want to flirt with your crush, don’t forget to try to hold their eye contact a bit longer than typical and smile coyly at them.

Have a good sense of humor

Try to make your friends laugh when you are around them without being over the top. This will help you to flirt with your crush more easily as a sense of humor is a big turn on for guys.

Try to touch him whenever you get a chance

Don’t miss the opportunity to shake his hands or hug him whenever you get a chance. But don’t try to touch every time you are around him without reason or seeming forced.

Last but not the least, always smile and be polite genuinely; this will make you look more approachable.

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