How To Introduce Your Significant Other To Your Family

Introducing your significant other to your parents is a big step.. In order to avoid awkward discussion between your family and your boyfriend, check out the following tips.

Define your relationship

Figure out the nature of your relationship with your boyfriend whether you two are just sleeping together,  more than that or just a friend. It could be very awkward if your parents refer him as your boyfriend when you two are just sleeping together, or even worse, if he thinks you are just friends.

Inform both parties

Before you bring your lover to your house and introduce him, make sure that you have shared or inform your boyfriend about subjects that your parents may find sensitive. Ensure that you share any relevant information beforehand, so that your boyfriend will not talk blindly with your parents and vice versa.

Set some rules

Give your boyfriend a heads up on how to act in front of your family before they meet. Tell him how to address your parents, such as calling them sir and ma’am or by their first names.

Make the environment comfortable

You try to act as a friendly mediator between your boyfriend and parents. Introduce people, share family stories and spark up conversation. Choose some light, non-confrontational conversation. No religion, No politics and No sex as a general rule of thumb.

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