How To React To A Flirting Guy You Like

When a man flirts with you, remember that he’s either interested in you or he doesn’t want to go into serious relationship with you. The question is how to react when a guy whom you like that flirts with you. If you want to let him know that you are interested with him, follow these steps and show your interest.

Smile at him back

Don’t forget to give a sweet smile when talking to him. If he is shy, he may be pretty nervous while flirting with you, so your smile will help to ease his nerves and make you more approachable.

Make eye contact when talking

This doesn’t mean that you should stare at him when you two are talking with a blank expression. Give him a flirty look when you are talking without forcing it.

Compliment him

If you like his hairstyle, for example, don’t hesitate to compliment him on it. But be genuine in your interest as too not seem fake.

Flirt with him sweetly

Flirt with him by speaking softly and quietly or by leaning into him during your conversation. This is a good way to get closer with him and slightly touch when the time is right.

Touch your collarbone area or your hair seductively

These subtle moves draw his attention while helping to keep you calm if you are nervous.

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