How To Figure Out A Clingy Girlfriend?

Being clingy often occurs in any kind of relationship—whether romantic or platonic. Even friends can be clingy sometimes. Not having the space you need will irritate you and your relationship will end badly. Watch for a few signs of a clingy girlfriend.

  • She is very possessive and tells you that she cannot live without you.
  • Even if you’ve only been apart one day, she says, “I miss you” even though you don’t feel anything.
  • She calls you every hour or every couple of minutes. You don’t feel like answering anymore and start ignoring her call and sending her to voice mail.
  • She is paranoid that you don’t love her and she accuses you of dating other girls behind her back.
  • She often searches your social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and other on-line profiles to check whether you are flirting with other girls or to see if any girls whom she hates are on your friends list.
  • She logs into a social networking site in invisible mode to check if you are online. She may ask her friend to chat with you and find out about you..
  • She may install joint computer software to check what you do online.
  • She demands conditions from you or on your relationship.
  • She mails you love-notes and you don’t want to reply.
  • She asks you constantly whether you really love her or not.

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