How to Keep Your Guy Interested?

Finally you’ve got your man, but now you are afraid that you will lose the connection with him or you find it difficult to keep your relationship with him. If you truly love your man you may need to put little effort to your relationship to make sure you are both getting what you want.

Of course, one good way to keep your guy interested in you is to love him. Let him know that you love him by your actions and words. Here are some good ways to keep your guy interested as long as you like.

Try to impress him always:

Obviously he is interested in you, if he always sticks to you. Try to do the same thing you did during your first meeting with him. Even though you are dating now, he still loves when you do the little things, such as dressing up nice.

Compliment him whenever you get the chance:

Everyone loves being complimented. So don’t forget to compliment him whenever he achieved something or whenever you find any good things about him. You will make him feel great and good about himself.

Find out what your guy likes.

Ask him what kind of movie, music and food he likes and make sure that you don’t forget it .Later when you play his favorite music or prepare the food he likes,  he will be happy and surprised to know that you care so much you remembered the things he loves.

Give your guy some space, don’t control him:

You may like to know everything your guy is doing, but both of you are two separate intelligent people. Be reasonable and give him some space and respect his opinions and make sure he does the same for you. If you don’t give each other space, you will come to resent each other.

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