Four Top Ways To Make A Girl Jealous

Jealousy sparks curiosity and it may eventually cause admiration and love. A guy does it to get an attention from a girl or to control his girlfriend. But remember guys, you’ll have far better chances of attracting girls and forming a relationship if it’s done with a good sense of humor and fun. Follow this recipe for jealousy..

Pinch of confidence:

You don’t have to act rude and arrogant, but you should know (or learn) how to carry yourself confidently. Don’t act and speak as if you are desperate to be with girls. Remember, girls really hate when you take them for granted. It drives them mad and will eventually lead them to find ways to get your attention.

A cup of disregard:

Avoid approaching her to talk when she is alone, even if she’s staring at you. Though you are desperate to be beside her and talk to her, this may not be a great idea if you want to make a girl go crazier for you. Don’t completely ignore her, just give some eye contact and look away. This will trigger butterflies in her stomach and she will try grab your attention later.

A mixture of more girls:

It’s not a sin to talk with many girls. You are not hitched yet!! Mingle with other girls in the crowd, but don’t go overboard by being mushy and touchy with those girls. Your aim is to make your dream girl to feel little jealous and get her attention.

Dash of talk:

Don’t give a chance to her to get into a long conversation with you. You may think “it’s a golden chance for you” but find a way to cut off the conversation in a politely if you feel that she’s getting into long talk. She will follow your tail all night, excited to finish the conversation with you.

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