Dating Tips for Christian Guys

If you have been brought up in a Christian family and are a staunch believer of the Holy Bible, you might have limited yourself from dating until are 21 years old. Once you begin dating, it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. You still have to carry yourself in a Godly way in everything you do, especially if you want to find a person with the same religious beliefs

The following dating tips for Christian guys will guide you in your search of suitable partner to attain a respectable and loving relationship and share your religious beliefs and faith.

  • Always say a prayer to help you and your date to honor God before you leave from your house. This will give you a good frame of mind for the whole day.
  • Keep the conversation flowing and get to know each other properly. Talking helps you figure out whether you want to continue this relationship or not.
  • To follow Jesus’ example, treat your date with brotherly love and respect.
  • Start out as friends. Your date could be destined for someone else and not you. It’s always better to maintain friendship for a long period of time until you move into next level.
  • Pray together to keep focusing on God and to avoid off-putting feelings and thoughts.
  • Avoid kissing until you are engaged to get married. It may be very difficult, but as a Christian it’s very important to refrain from temptation.
  • , Go on group dates to distract you from tempting physical issues. It can be beneficial for your friends, especially Christian friends, and fun as well.

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