How to Date A French Girl?

Mostly French girls are classy, sophisticated and intelligent. They also have a particular taste in men. If you are planning to date a French girl and win her heart, you may like to check out the following tips.

First of all, you need to learn little French.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve to speak French fluently, nothing wrong in learning a few phrases and words to impress your date. You can always learn French by hiring a private tutor or taking up a beginner’s course.

Brush up some important history of French.

Knowing some important historic events like the French Revolution and being familiar with French literature, cuisine and art will let her understand that you are serious enough to date her and think her background is important.

Learn the current affairs of France:

Don’t forget to read current events and learn little about French culture and government, popular French celebrities and current president of France. French girls are impressed with educated men who show interest in their culture and background..

Plan something sophisticated for your date:

Remember that a traditional way of dating like going for a movie or dinner will never impress a French girl. Plan something sophisticated like taking her to an art show or independent film. A trip to a big museum or a wine-tasting date may be good choices as well.

Be chivalric and charming:

Don’t forget to pull out the chair for her, open the door and take her safely home. French girls expect to do all these things when they go for a date.


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