How to Break Up Your Gemini Girlfriend?

Ending a relationship with your Gemini girlfriend may not be that dramatic. Geminis end up friends with their former boyfriends most of the time because they are friendly, airy, energetic and flirty. When it comes to any serious relationships, they may be scattered but know how to show affection and love can still be hurt by a bad break-up. Here are few tips to follow if you are planning to break up your Gemini girlfriend.

Do routine things and become boring: Say no to any adventurous activities, do routine things and become boring. This will irritate your Gemini girlfriend and she will want to end the relationship because Geminis loves adventures and spontaneity.

Be honest: Tell her she’s pretty, exciting and sexy but it’s not just working for you. Be honest and tell her that you need someone simpler.

Be Friendly: When breaking up with your Gemini girlfriend, stay kind with your ex and be friendly. She might even become very close with your new partner and help you out in future because Geminis are very good at matchmakers.

Show no interest in social life anymore: Geminis love going out and have fun—they are good social net-workers. If you want to break up your relationship with her tell her you are not interested in social life anymore. If your priorities don’t match, she’ll start to distance herself from you.

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