How to Deal With Futile Love?

Being in relationship with someone who doesn’t love you may be a heartbreaking experience. But don’t worry anymore, just follow these tips and move forward leaving behind all your pain.

  • Face the truth that he/she cannot reciprocate the same feelings as you do.
  • Try to figure out the reasons why he/she doesn’t like to reciprocate the same way as you do. This will help you to get over the pain and move on.
  • Don’t let this bitter experience spoil the chance when you find someone who really loves you. Stay positive and look forward to your life and you will find a better person.
  • Get rid of him/her from your mind. Spend more time with your family and friends who care and love you.
  • Keep yourself busy always. Engage yourself in your hobbies or work.
  • Concentrate on your future. Remember that you can’t move forward if you are constantly looking back at your past.
  • Think of your good qualities. It doesn’t mean that you are bad just because he/she doesn’t love you.
  • Go out on dates. You may find it difficult initially, but you never know when someone better than him/her is waiting for you.
  • Don’t feed the monster. Stop indulging in conversations about him or your relationship with him to your friends. Don’t even bother to obtain information about him. After some time, your grief will die on its own.
  • Remind yourself that you deserve better. Just ask yourself why you would want to be with someone who doesn’t love you.

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