How To Make A Gay Guy Like You?

Do you ever feel attracted to gay guys? If you find yourself attracted to gay guys often, you may be wondering why he always shifts his eyes to another guy in the bar or club when you are standing right in front of him. Somehow you always end up going back home alone. If you want a chance at a gay guy, you need to gush with self-confidence and be brave enough to approach him. Here are a few tips to make a gay guy like you:

Be honest and say what you want:

Men can’t read minds, so make it clear what you want. Tell him whether you are looking for a relationship, friendship or a one-night stand. Tell him clearly exactly what’s on your mind.

Let yourself shine with self-confidence:

Every man loves to chase someone who shows self-confidence. Be comfortable in your own skin; don’t act stupid by trying to talk confidently about something you know little or nothing about.  He will like you for who you really are.

Look your best:

When it comes to dating or meeting gay guys, physical appearance is very important. Physical appearance includes the way you dress, how you style your hair and the accessories you wear. Choose clothes that flatter your body type, work out at the gym or at home if you can and stay healthy. You don’t need to diet drastically to win a gay guy over; the right guy will like you no matter what your body looks like.

Approach him directly instead of waiting for him:

There is nothing wrong with bumping into a guy you like or holding his gaze while you are dancing at a club. Such actions will let him know what you are feeling for him. Body language can speak volumes when used properly and bring a deeper dimension to flirting.

Hang out with other gay guys:

Many gay men will be naturally drawn to you if you are with a group of guys. They will know that other guys find you attractive and eventually they will also be attracted to you.

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  1. i like what you are saying but what if the gay guy knows you like him and he whats noithing to do wih you just because your a girl.

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