How To Kiss On your First Date?

A first date can be very exciting and also exasperating. Trying to assess your date while projecting yourself in a positive light may be a tiring experience. Another common question many guys have is whether or not they can kiss on their first date. The answer is….. not every first date is accompanied by a kiss. It depends on how comfortable you are with your date. However, if you want to kiss on your first date, here are certain steps that can give you a better chance of getting one.

Prepare ahead of time:

Assume that a kiss will happen before you go on a date. Make sure that you don’t have bad breath; bring along a mouth freshener or mints. Consider wearing cologne or perfume, but don’t overdo it.

Read body language:

Study your date’s body language and behavior. If she sits close to you, leans toward you when you talk or touch you frequently, chances are she’s interested in you. This also shows her comfort level and a likely desire for a kiss.

Plan a moment alone:

Kisses are more likely to happen when you are alone together, so try to get some time alone with her. For instance, go for a drive or take a walk after dinner.

Let it happen naturally:

Never force a kiss on your date and don’t ever attempt to pressure her into a kiss. Instead, make her comfortable and move in slowly while remaining aware of her reaction.

Make eye contact and compliment her:

It is a good idea to find out whether she’s interested or not. Compliment her appearance or something she said and see if she holds eye contact and smiles. If so, she is likely interested in moving forward to the next step. But if she appears uncomfortable or looks away, she may be shy and not ready to kiss you.

Lean toward her:

When you lean toward her and she begins to lean toward you, this may be the perfect invitation. If she pulls away that means she’s not yet ready for the kiss. However, don’t jump to the conclusion that she is not interested in you. Be patient and use the same approach next time. You may never know what is in a girl’s mind; she may just be feeling shy or not yet comfortable enough with you to kiss on the first date.

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