How To Know When Your Guy Is Ready To Commit?

Unlike women, men don’t usually show their emotions. They tend to keep their feelings bottled-up inside and don’t freely share their thoughts. If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a pretty long time, you may be starting to wonder if he is ready to take it to the next level. Here are some tips to know if your guy is ready to commit.

His friends are married:

He’s more likely to commit if most of his friends are married. If most of his friends are still not married and appear to prefer the freer bachelor life, then you may need to wait a while longer. .

He is financially secure:

He may be more likely to get married if he is financially secure and has his own house. Then he may start to seriously consider taking the next big step.

He pursues you:

If he’s ready to commit, he will not hesitate to talk about the future with you. If he rarely takes the time to reply to your emails or if he’s not letting you know where he’s going, then he’s probably not yet ready.

He stays by your side when you’re not feeling well

When a guy drops everything to spend all of his time with you when you are sick or having a rough time, he’s serious about being with you for the long run.

He often uses the word “We” instead of “Me”:

This is a good sign that he’s committed to you. If he’s all about “Me, Myself and I” instead of “Us” and “We” in conversations, you need to ask yourself if you really want to wait for him or if it’s time to look for another guy.

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